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Nearly 3 years ago, Basil the Schnoodle came to live with us. We'd deliberated for a very long time about getting a dog. We already had a cat so we had to choose wisely, dogs crossed off the list were Whippets, Bedlington Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers and Lakeland Terriers - all our favourite pooches. Then we looked at Schnoodles (half Schnauzer, half poodle) and they seemed pretty cool and most importantly, scruffy, a bit like me. It has been said that Basil and I look quite alike and in fact my wife says sometimes she looks at the dog and it is as if I am looking back at her....

Schnoodles are inquisitive, the poodle is especially strong with Basil! If you didn't know, poodles are highly intelligent dogs who can get bored. So I have to keep him amused and it's great fun to take him around London with me. He brings a smile to the people he meets, gets people talking and keeps me company. It's also been interesting to see how dog friendly London has become and particularly the East End where we live.

I so hope you will join me as I write about mine and Basil's escapades and this wonderful City called London, which I'm so proud to call home.