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Sunday morning at Colombia Road Market

Looks like it's going to be a sunny Sunday this weekend and a lovely day to go to Colombia Road Market. I've been going to Colombia Road for over 20 years and although new businesses have moved in and it's popularity has grown, it's still a friendly down to earth flower market with friendly stallholders selling fabulous flowers and plants. It's just lovely to see people walking down the road with armfuls of plants and flowers! The stallholders are friendly, prices are reasonable and the buzz is undeniable. It's best to go early if you want to avoid the crowds and if you want breakfast there are plenty of cafes to choose from. We sauntered down at lunchtime and although it was busy, there was lots going on.

This shop Pot Luck holds fond memories. It's been here for well over twenty years and me and my wife bought our first dinner plates and bowls from here. We still use them to this day.

The Market has a fascinating history. It was built over Novia Scotia Gardens, which was infamous for the murder of several victims in the 1830's by Resurrection Men (grave robbers) who then sold their bodies to surgeons. In the 1840's Angela Burnette-Coutts, the wealthiest woman in Victorian Britain bought the land and built a large Gothic indoor market. In the 1880's the market buildings were demolished but the flower market continued.

We had the pleasure of listening to a cool jazz band. Basil seemed to really like their music.

The Birdcage pub is a good place to stop and have a bevy on a chilly day and Basil was warmly welcomed inside. When the French Hugenots came over to London in the 1700's they brought with them the custom of keeping songbirds in cages. This tradition was later adopted by the local cockneys.

At the end of the flower market is another small market selling vintage wares and other bits and pieces and a few eateries. It's also a good place for busking and hanging out with a coffee.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip. For more information on Colombia Road Market check out their website